Graveloza Series

Graveloza is a mutation of the well-known and popular cyclosis. It spreads uncontrollably, especially in cycling circles, but not only there. Increasingly, there are gravelosis outbreaks in groups outside the world of cyclists or even people associated with sports. You can see that graveloza no longer chooses. Cyclists, runners, climbers, survivalists and even hipsters … The gravelosis epidemic started a few years ago, but it gained momentum in 2020 and the peak incidence is expected in the summer and fall of 2021.

There is no vaccine and there will be no vaccine for it, conservative treatment remains. Based on the observation of the history of the disease and many cases, regular adjustments turn out to be the most effective. The treatment is group treatment. The entire procedure starts early in the morning and usually takes several hours. Patients participating in the treatment usually only know the approximate course of the treatment route and the duration of one treatment. The element of surprise and the thrill of going beyond the comfort zone are very important. Freezing hands and feet, blows of cold or hot air, mud baths focusing on the lumbar spine and face are practiced. The back is evenly and independently splashed directly from under the patient’s rear wheel. The face, on the other hand, is right under the wheel of the patient riding in front of him. In the summer season, instead of mud, dust and dust rising from unpaved road surfaces are used. An important and inevitable element of the treatment is sudden and unexpected adventures such as punctured tubes, broken hooks or unscrewing cranks!┬á

During the procedure, patients ride in a group at a constant pace, adapted to the abilities of all participants. Of course, there are stronger accents caused by temporary attacks in the individuals most affected by gravelosis, and breaks to replenish fluids and calories or taking souvenir photos. A typical one-day gravelosis treatment ends with a shared coffee and a carbohydrate snack in various forms ­čśë

Current information about the next editions of Graveloza can be found on our Facebook profile in the events section. Currently, due to the prevailing situation, we will most likely meet in Mazovia in the second half of January!

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