In the spring, summer and autumn 2021 season, there will be at least a dozen events dedicated to riding stiff bicycles on gravel and off-road. From a few hours of races through one-day escapades to murderous mountain ultra. You are definitely preparing for each of them. Mentally, pysically and strategically. Reconnaissance is an opportunity to learn a fragment and the characteristics of the route along which the dreamed and expected adventure will run. Those who have already gained some experience know that nothing will add as much  self-confidence and invaluable knowledge as checking everything in practice. In the context of checking the equipment, its setting, strength, technique or elements of equipment and ending with eating.

During the reconnaissance, you will experience a taste of what will await you at the target start. In addition, you will be better prepared thanks to the experience in riding with bags, bundles and all the gear. Your bike will thank you for verifying its possibilities in practice and any improvements that you decide to introduce.

In April 2021, we will go to Przemyśl to ride together, the initial stage of the Poland Gravel Race. The competition will take place in August. It is one of the “harder” mountain ultras in our country, which is starting to gain a lot of popularity, therefore the route from Przemyśl to the Bieszczady is chosen as the premiere of Reconnaissance! We will provide details on the trip in January, follow us on facebook and instagram.

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