Month: January 2021

Graveloza Series

Graveloza is a mutation of the well-known and popular cyclosis. It spreads uncontrollably, especially in cycling circles, but not only there. Increasingly, there are gravelosis outbreaks in groups outside the world of cyclists or even people associated with sports. You can see that graveloza no longer chooses. Cyclists, runners, climbers, survivalists and even hipsters … …

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In the spring, summer and autumn 2021 season, there will be at least a dozen events dedicated to riding stiff bicycles on gravel and off-road. From a few hours of races through one-day escapades to murderous mountain ultra. You are definitely preparing for each of them. Mentally, pysically and strategically. Reconnaissance is an opportunity to …

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Gravel Camps

A few days away for a group of enthusiasts. When one day is not enough … Not enough impressions, not enough kilometres and effort to meet your ambitions and expectations. The unparalleled atmosphere and sharing of experiences from the adventures of that day at sunset. Bonfires in the forest, camps in the mountains, accommodation in …

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